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Consultation process

What happens during a consultation? 

Dr Varsani believes in treating her patients with a hollistic approach.

She will take into account your concerns and your desired outcome and advice you the best way that can be achieved


She also incorporates a skin care assessment in her consultation as she believes the best aesthetics results are achieved by also treating the skin alongside.


Whether you are looking to have a treatment done or just to get a good home skin care routine, Dr Varsani is happy to help in any way that suits you and your budget

Is there a cost for the consultation?

At the moment, Dr Varsani is offering free virtual no-obligation consultations from the comfort of your own home.


Complete this facial assessment questionnaire for a bespoke treatment plan to be created for you!

At the Dentist

How about a cosmetic dental consultation?

Dr Varsani currently works in Harrow and Westminster (Central London) where she does a range of cosmetic dental treatments such as Straightening teeth using Invisalign, Whitening as well as Composite bonding/veneers etc. To see whether you would be suitable or if you have any questions, please schedule a phone call with her where she can discuss these in detail with you 


Botox Injections

           Anti-wrinkle injections

Confident Woman

              Dermal Fillers

Beauty Model

           Dietary Supplements

Lip Botox Injection

             Lip enhancement

Facial Treatment

              Chemical Peels


     Medical grade skincare

Botox Treatment

           Cheek Enhancement

Facial treatments

                Skin Boosters

Invisalign Consultation

    Cosmetic Dental Treatment

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